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Military Essays

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Cyber Warfare: the Future of War

This paper seeks to study and analyse the use of cyber warfare in future conflicts & its implications on national security. To suggest India’s response…

Psychology of Soldier Training in the UK

Bullying, humiliation and exclusion are all part of the British culture. How does this assertion sit with our duty to produce trained soldiers for the…

Political Objectives of the Falklands War

Despite the initial successes of the operation for the Argentines, the strategy of militarily occupying the islands proved an utter failure.

Innovation in Military Systems

Technology transfer across social sectors, industries, and national boundaries is a common phenomenon in contemporary times.

Impact of Air Power Theory in WW2

Did “air power theory” do more harm than good before the outbreak of “and during” the Second World War? This essay will examine the meaning…

Effect of Military Deployment on the Family

This can have a tremendous impact on the whole family system. As the service members undergo hardships on the battlefield, family members struggle with…

Ethics of Drone Strikes

Unmanned aerial vehicles(UAVs), commonly referred to as drones, are remotely-controlled aircrafts which are loaded with bombs and missiles for various…

Analysis of The Sykes-Picot Agreement

The Sykes-Picot Agreement was a deal negotiated between the Entente Allies, minus America, in anticipation of the fall of the Ottoman Empire at the end…

The Issue of Informatized Conflict

Each day we wake up in a world of active Informatized Conflict. Unseen battles are being waged all around us. After the Chinese penetrated our military…

The Horrors of U.X.Os

The United States military bombing tactics during the Vietnam War were unjust because these bombs continue to kill and injure ordinary people everyday.

History and Types of Regiment Units

Regiments are a military unit that varies their role and size depending on their country and their armed service who have a smaller size of units that…

History of the Selective Service and the Draft

The desirable outcome for the Selective Service will be with either women having to register or resolving the system all together. The truth is, nobody…

Role of Merchant Marine for the Allies

This paper seeks to study the role of merchant marine for the Allies and the Axis powers in the Asia Pacific region in WW II by examining the effects…

Psychological Operations Analysis

According to the types of psychological operation general can be classified into three types, which were Strategic Psychological Operation, Tactical…

Joint operation planning process

The Joint Operation Planning Process, or JOPP, supports planning at all levels and for missions across the full range of military operations.